Tech Specs

Here are the technical specifications for all of our titles at Media Publishing Company. Please take your time to carefully read our recommended sizes and measurements. You can find a PDF guide at the bottom of this page.

Artwork should be provided as press-ready PDF’s/JPEG’s/TIFF’s
(CMYK, no spot colours, all fonts embedded or outlined, 3mm bleed where required, 300dpi).


Sizes Dimensions Bleed
Front Cover 210(w) x 196(h)mm +3mm bleed left and right – IMPORTANT refer to pdf
Full Page 210(w) x 297(h)mm +3mm bleed all round
Half Page Horizontal 180(w) x 123.5(h)mm
Half Page Vertical 88(w) x 247(h)mm
1/4 Page 88(w) x 123.5(h)mm
1/3 Page Vertical 57(w) x 247(h)mm
Adverts permitted per section
Features Full Page Half Page Vertical Half Page Horizontal 1/3 Page Vertical 1/4 Page
Newsline Full Page Half Page Vertical Half Page Horizontal 1/4 Page
In Person Full Page Half Page Horizontal 1/3 Page Verttcal


To download the technical guide, please Click Here

*note – we have used Ambulance UK as an example in this guide, all our titles follow the same specifications*